This isn’t love… This is WORS

Image cred: Bob Krasner
Angel Eyedealism AKA Angella Repellant ℅

“It was those early years, in the mid 80s, in a combustion of Reaganomics and Aqua Net hairspray, that we thrived and expressed ourselves with wild abandon.” — Angel Eyedealism

“She then started adding more names, and more names, finding people under rocks, which was the last straw to me,” Eyedealism says.

“It was just so f**ked up!” Eyedealism says, “I’d never do something like that to another woman, let alone another artist.”

“Rivington School is no longer, this is just a connection that we had that we are exploiting. There may be a question of authenticity… Or whether or not I stole the idea. But if you didn’t do anything with the idea, then, you know… Deal with it, honey.” — Maggie Reilly

“I am a creator, not a destroyer,” Eyedealism says. “I don’t see the need to step on somebody else’s face to get a leg up.”

“Tit for Tat, or Dick for Dat” collage by Angel Eyedealism.



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